Investing isn’t simply about the pursuit of wealth. It’s about finding a balance between managing and improving their current lifestyles with planning for and supporting future goals.  When defining investment performance, women rely on personal standards over industry benchmarks. 61% say that generating a steady income is a priority, while 41% say it is seeing their portfolio progress toward lifestyle goals, including health, wellness and travel.  In a recent PIMCO study, over half (51%) of women respondents said that they feel they almost need to become financial experts to talk to a financial advisor and 72% indicated that they believe the financial system is set up to be confusing.  Additionally, 78% of women surveyed indicated that they are more interested in talking to an advisor who focuses on improving quality of life versus just beating the market.  We use an honest, straightforward, personal approach to help build clients' knowledge and confidence in their financial future.

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