Our Process

We have designed this process to give you (and us) a framework for making an educated and informed decision about working together. Of equal importance, our hope is that you will finish this process knowing exactly where you stand in the key areas of retirement success.

For people who are potentially a good fit for our firm, there is no cost or obligation for this process as we want you to know exactly how we can help you before you pay us a single dollar in fees or trust us with a penny of your nest egg.

Step 1: 'The Fit' Introductory Call

This is as simple as it sounds. In this 15-minute call, we’ll take the time to get to know you, what's important to you, and make sure that our expertise aligns to your situation.

Step 2: The First Meeting - Fact Finding

Once we've determined that we may be a good fit for each other, we roll up our sleeves and begin to craft a detailed picture of your current situation. At this point, we’ll discuss your goals, priorities, long-term vision and the motivations driving those values.  Your answers will shape our approach to the analysis process and will enable us to move forward with true clarity.

We'll also give you a clear picture of our planning process and approach to investing.

Step 3: Our Analysis

Next, we'll take the deep dive into your financial landscape. Our goal is to answer following questions with confidence and provide a path to give you the best chance in achieving your long-term goals:
Are you on track for your ideal retirement?
Is your plan tax-efficient?
Can your investments be improved?
Are you assuming a comfortable level of risk?

Step 4: The Second Meeting - Bringing It All Together

In this meeting, we’ll discuss where we can provide value to you and propose a strategy to get you where you want to be. Because selecting the right wealth manager is a big decision, it is important that you think about our approach and our recommendations when thinking of the following points:

1. Do I like and trust the Investment Consulting Group team?
2. Do I understand their investment approach?
3. Does their investment plan give me the confidence I need to move forward?

At the end of this meeting, we'll ask you if you are ready to move forward or if you'd like to think about it.  Because our priority is to form long-term relationships, we want you to be comfortable with your decision.  If you are ready to move forward, we'll prepare paperwork and begin to work towards your ideal financial life balance.