Old World

You decide you need an advisor. You find someone within driving distance who is just suitable

New World

You decide you need an advisor. You utilize technology to find and connect with the person in the world who has the expertise most specific to your needs

We Advise Team Members

We are proud to say that a disproportionate number of our clients are Wells Fargo team members.  As team members ourselves, we are in a unique position to provide highly specialized advice to colleagues. While each person’s financial situation is different, certain commonalities exist among those sharing an employer and career arc.  Your position at Wells Fargo includes access to many strong benefit offerings that play a role in your overall financial landscape: a complex 401k plan w/ employer match offering, unique executive compensation structures, health and life insurance offerings, and team member pricing to name a few.  All of these have their own financial, investment, and tax-related consequences. While most advisors at Wells Fargo understand team member benefits to a degree, our team has intentionally acquired a deep knowledge of the comprehensive benefits and investment packages available to team members in order to better serve our clients.  

Because Wells Fargo benefits are easily placed on autopilot, it is easy to become complacent, determine that you are “probably saving enough,” and leave it at that. We urge you not to. Optimizing your contributions, minimizing your taxes, and maximizing use of your benefits during this period is essential. Doing so will make a big difference in the short-term and compound to an enormous one in the long-term.  Your window may not be open forever.